WFH USB Microphone

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This work from home USB microphone is a major upgrade for conference calls and easily works with laptops for presenting, recording, podcasting and more.

The work from home microphone usually ships in 3-5 days.

With the 3.5mm headphone jack, this microphone is a serious upgrade to any WFH setup and is the type of product that once you have, you cannot imaging living without. With this USB mic, you can also listen to whatever you are recording without delay to ensure smooth creation.

With super-precise input level adjustment, voice-levels can be easily be controlled while podcasting, holding conference calls, recording voiceovers or streaming games.

With a large diaphragm condenser, this mic-core provides supreme quality sound capturing ability. This work from home product can capture your voice crisp and clear whenever you are streaming/video chatting/recording.

With a low center of gravity and a detachable metal desktop stand this mic gives the microphone durability and flexibility

The high speed USB cable lengths up to 6.56' with no data loss. Along with a double shielding USB cable that reduces interference, this meticulously crafted MIC provides high quality connections that ensure high-speed data communications.

With instant and seamless connectivity this work from home microphone is most ideal design for USB microphones.

Package Includes:
1 microphone with the pivot mount
1 adjustable desk stand(included 3 detachable stand tube heighten from 1.87" to 4.56")
1 USB cable A male to B male
1 5/8 male to 3/8 female adapter
1 user'manual