WFH Laptop Stand

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The WFH portable laptop desk/stand, both non-slip and adjustable is a WFH must have. Functioning in bed, at the desk or table, this laptop stand is perfect for an agile workplace.

Ideal for working from home, this laptop stand helps break up the monotony of the day by empowering a flexible work space. Shift from your kitchen to your bedroom seamlessly with the lightweight and easily transportable WFH laptop stand.

This desk stand comes with a double gear adjustment: with a high and low gear adjustment to adapt to different usage habits

The anti-skid protection offers an anti-skid design to better protect your tablet.


1. The aluminum alloy material provides excellent cooling performance, and stable placement.

2. The tripod can be enlarged or reduced at will, so as to fit a variety of laptops


Color: black, white(optional)

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 18.9 x 10.24 x 1.57"

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