WFH Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser

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The WFH aroma diffuser makes use of ultrasonic technology to atomize water and essential oil, and release aroma. The WFH humidifier is designed to circulate humidity throughout large areas.

Just plug it into any outlet and this whisper quiet humidifier will add soothing humidity to your environment.The Aromatherapy Humidifier adds moisture to your air, plus a subtle fragrance to make your home feel fresh and comfortable.

Whisper-quiet Ultrasonic Technology -- Humidify your living space with an optional fragrance which does not generate noise.

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Rated voltage:DC5V
  • Rated power:2W
  • Water tank capacity:220mL
  • Spray amount:35-45mL/H
  • Product weight:136g
  • Available in: Pink / Green / White
  • Material:ABS+PP
  • Size:111.5X78X78mm

Package Contents:

1 * humidifier,

1 * USB charging cable

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