Foldable USB Desk Lamp

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The WFH flexible swing arm clamp mount desk lamp has three tones. Utilizing soft, natural light, this home office desk lamp mitigates eye strain. With high color rendering, and moderate color temperature, this lamp also helps to reduce eye fatigue.

With its flexible USB interface, it can be easily connected to your laptop, power supply, adapter, charging plug, etc.




1. LED soft light lamp beads, ring-shaped luminous surface, uniform light distribution
2. Heavy and sturdy base, strong bite force light clamp, safe and reliable
3. Foldable design, 350° adjust lamp cap, 180° adjust lamp holder, 3-axle adjust lamp arm, convenient to use
4. High color rendering, moderate color temperature for reduced eye fatigue
5. No blue light

Item Type: Swing Arm Table Lamp
Material: ABS + Iron
Color: Black
Power: 8W
Voltage: 5V
Color Temperature: 3000-6000K
Power Cord Length: Exposed 155cm / 61.0inch
Lamp Beads Quantity: 48Pcs
Clamp Height: 12cm / 4.7inch
Clamp Adjustable Height: 4.7cm / 1.9inch
Item Size: 27 * 29 * 7cm / 10.6 * 11.4 * 2.8inch
Package Weight: Approx. 600g

Package List:
1 * Swing Arm Table Lamp
1 * Bracket

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