Bungee Task Chair

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As one of The WFH Store's most popular items, the Bungee task chair is both fun and super-comfortable. Popularly referred to as the "perfect-sized" WFH chair, the Bungee task chair utilizes elastic bungee straps. The bungee design perfectly adapts to your body all while keeping cool due to it's open design.

The Bungee chair is our Editor's "go-to" WFH product; and for good reason. With the bungee straps adapting to your body, this "ultimate" WFH chair facilitates a true ergonomic experience that is ideal for extended duration seating.


  • Tilt Lock
  • Center Tilt
  • Adjustable Swivel
  • Adjustable Seat Height

Weight Capacity: Up to 200lbs

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